We are here to Celebrate Artistic Women.

We Connect, Support, Champion and help Artistic Women to forward their Art, their Art Careers, the Business of their Art and their lives as Artists.

We are taking an active role in getting Artistic Women and their Art out in the world.
We are about Artistic Women Rising Up, having a Voice, Expressing, Growing and Evolving.

We believe Artistic Women’s Art deserves to be seen in the World!

What We Are

All Artistic Women … All Inclusive

What We Are Creating

A Global Platform … a Movement … for Artistic Women … to allow them to fulfill their creative Dreams, Visions and/or Purposes on the planet. We are growing and envision providing access to whatever is needed including but not limited to: Resources, Training, Knowledge, Support, Physical/Material Things, Opportunities, and Connections.

We Artistic Women are creating a World TOGETHER where We get a say in how it goes with Our Art, in Our Lives and on Our Planet.

We Represent ALL Artistic Women

One Medium, Multiple Mediums … We are here for ALL Artistic Women. We have something in common … the desire to express ourselves!

What is Real Art? What is Good Art? If it comes from an Artistic Woman and is made by an Artistic Women then it is Art to us. No judgement, no preferences. Regardless of age, ethnicity, race, sexuality, background, culture, perspectives … this is about any Woman who considers herself Artistic.

We are serious, silly, sacred, irreverent, professional, radical … you name it … we ARE it.

Artistic Women Creating other Artistic Women!

If you are a Artistic Woman and you are not yet a part of our WAW Community you can find out more about joining us by clicking below. It will allow you to be a part of our ALL that we are creating & includes being able to post your work in our gallery.