My talk is all talked out
Old grrl on the loose
Howling & cackling
Filled by my own juice

Age your favorite topic
You shrink & hover
Embarrassed in public
When people think I’m your mother

It’s Ok baby grrl
This ol crone knows the score
That twinkle in my eye
Comes from my core

Been there – done that
But I won’t use it on you
Times given me an advantage
But I’m learning too

Not dead yet
Not sexless or senseless
My power is raging
My passion is endless

No surprised that you’re confused
That you call to talk for hours
No mistake you want me
When you’re sleeping with others

In love – no 
Love you – forever
I’m clear it will shift
I’m beyond saying never

The crone in me knows
The crone in me sees it all
Spinning circles around you
Not afraid anymore to fall